CERTIFICATION: A Step Towards The Future!

The concept of certification was introduced in 1979 when the IMTA board of directors was studying the increasingly complex Illinois municipal government scene and the level of administrative expertise needed for adept administration.  Population changes, increased municipal responsibilities, and extensive social and legislative change had increased the difficulty and importance of the treasurers function. The board of directors believed that continuing professional education was needed to help treasurers acquire necessary new skills and knowledge.

Thus the idea of certification surfaced which would give Illinois municipal treasurers distinction who had completed a specified minimum amount of educational requirements and had experience as a municipal treasurer.  Attendance at IMTA provided seminars and membership in IMTA as well as on a national level also count toward certification.

Certification means that a treasurer, is capable of developing and maintaining a high level of administrative and functional expertise in his or her Office.


    Complete website overhaul
    Hosted IMTA's first webinar featuring FDIC coverage
    Introduced "Zoomerangs" as a means of polling our members
    Establish "The Illinois Funds Partnership Program" with State Treasurer
    Add "E-Help" files to website
    Electronic Public Relations form
    "Buddy Program" at Treasurers Institute
    IMTA E-Help program (7/1/2002)
    Presented five sessions of APT's "Disaster Preparedness for Finance"
    Signed a contractual agreement with Eastern Illinois University for Association Coordinator services provided by JoEllen Hickenbottom.
    Created procedures outlining the duties and important dates for each officer.
    Established relations with IGFOA for co-sponsoring future education events
    Improved Legislative Committee's efforts
    9/99  Roundtable meetings can count towards certification points.
    IMTA Standing Rules
    Immediate Past President has board voting privileges
    Cash Handling Training programs were introduced
    11/98  IMTA Homepage went on-line