Presidents Award 2015/2016

IMTA President 2015/16 Scott Borror presented Ron Vander Band with the President's Award.

President's Award

Plaque Engravement: In Recognition of Outstanding Leadership and Dedicated Service. The Illinois Municipal Treasurers Association is Forever Grateful.


Scott Borror

Hilton Gardens, Champaign IL Ron Vander Band Plano

Gail Valle

Hilton, Chicago IL Richard Barrett Wells Fargo Advisor

Clint Lichtenwalter

Sheraton, Fairview Heights IL Jack Walde Algonquin

Janice Colvin

Hilton, Springfield IL JoEllen Hickenbottom Eastern IL Univ.
2011/12 Kenneth Robinson Eagle Ridge Resort, Galena IL

Brad Bettenhausen

Tinley Park


Ron Vander Band

Hilton Garden Inn, Champaign IL Michael Peterson Lincolnshire

President 2016/2017

Alta Long has served as city treasurer for the City of Tuscola for over 15 years. She worked in management and accounting for both public and private corporations for many years prior to that. She has been a member of the Illinois Municipal Treasurers Association (IMTA) for 15 years. Prior to being named President of the association in 2016, Alta served on committees and the board of directors for 6 years. In her personal time, Alta enjoys her family, gardening, camping, Bible study and reading. Alta is married to Randy; has 4 daughters and 3 granddaughters. (…and two female dogs…feeling sorry for Randy is allowed!)

President's Message

Thank you to the membership for the honor of serving as president of this organization for the coming year! I will do my best to work hard to move the association forward with the help of the leadership team.

As I said at the installation dinner, IMTA members provided necessary, and locally unavailable, training to me as a new treasurer. Before I was appointed as the city treasurer in Tuscola, I worked in private companies. There, work was hard and hours long, but you knew the game rules:
1. We are in business to make money- so decisions are made that support that mission
2. The organization chart was direct chain of command up to the owner.
3. Change and innovation meant progress, bringing new things to a demanding market and excitement.

So I was hired into a local government with that paradigm…..and boy was I in for a culture shock! The former treasurer had been gone from the city for a few months prior to my hiring. I walked into an office with a pile of over 50 bank recs waiting on me… for 50 different checking accounts! Every question that I asked my office partners was met with the same answer “Well, that is how we have always done it, don’t go changing things!”. And to every suggestion I made to make some positive change I was told “council would never go for that”

Confused, sure that I made the wrong career choice or that I fell in a rabbit’s hole…I looked for someone or something to tell me this is all going to be ok! That is when I found the IMTA. When I attended my first IMTA conference that year, I walked into a large room of knowledgeable folks, eating at a seemingly endless buffet….I felt right at home, these people understood! Through conferences, phone calls to other members and trading emails, my job training came from those who came before me in the IMTA. I will always be so grateful to all of those who helped me get acclimated to the government ways of doing business. Now, I have been around the organization for over 15 years and I feel it is my duty to pass along things I have learned over the years to others who are just starting out. When I was asked if I was interested in working in leadership with the IMTA, I saw this as a fantastic opportunity to give back to the organization that has helped me so much over the years.

Over the last few years, I have been fortunate to work as part of a collaborative team of individuals who are leading IMTA. I want the membership to know how hard they all work and how much they all care about the mission of the IMTA. The past and future leaders of IMTA are working together to ensure a cohesive approach to building the organization over the next few years. This association is managed by individual members just like each of you. Through our committee structure and board of directors structure, many members play small roles in the business of the association. No contribution of time and talent is too small to be useful. I encourage each one of you to contact one of the leaders and discover where you can fit in to service on a committee. If everyone gives a small amount of time, no one person has to take on too much individually. Service on a committee does not take much of your time, but if makes a huge difference to the organization. Please see a committee chair or board member if you are interested in learning about service opportunities on a committee. I sincerely appreciate those who have given of their time and talents, both now and in the past, to serve on the board of directors or on a committee. We have several new members who are hopping on the board this year and I thank them for their willingness…we will try not to work you too hard!

In the next year, my goals echo and continue the goals of immediate past president, Scott Borror. Each goal is a stepping stone to building the organization and continuing its mission as an educational organization. The goals for the coming year are:
1. To increase membership activity, promotions, and marketing
2. To work on updating and restructuring association administration, membership registration, associate member communications
3. To improve Committee chair and member recruitment; market committee information to members
4. To continue to support the efforts of new association treasurer, Billie Robinson, as she improves the financial reporting of the association
5. To continue to support the efforts of the website committee to continue to upgrade and add new features to the association’s website

Again, I thank the membership for this opportunity and look forward to a productive year! Please join me in the work of the association by participating in committee work, it is both productive and relationship building!

Thanks – looking forward to a productive year!
Alta Long
IMTA President
Treasurer – City of Tuscola