President 2017/2018

Michael Peterson currently serves as Finance Director/ Treasurer for the Village of Lincolnshire for the past 4 years, prior to that he served as Grayslake Finance Director/Treasurer (13.5 yrs) and East Alton Treasurer (14 yrs). He has been a member of the Illinois Municipal Treasurers Association (IMTA) for 32 years. Prior to being named President of the association in 2017, Michael served as President in 2001/02 and 2002/03.  In his personal time, Michael enjoys motorcycle rides, fishing, pontoon rides with family and friends. Michael has been married to Penny for the past 29 years; and they have 2 daughters and 2 granddaughters.

President's Message

Thank you to the membership for the honor of serving as president of this organization for the coming year! I will do my best to work hard to move the association forward with the help of the leadership team.

As I said at the installation dinner, I was 22 when I started; the East Alton IMTA membership was transferred from the prior Treasurer to me before I started.  I didn’t know anything more than that.  Within a couple months, I was invited to lunch to meet several IMTA members in Madison County.  Gail Valle, Granite City and I are the only ones remaining from that original group.  All of our original municipal friends are alive and retired.  I want to be part of that club.

At 22, I knew nothing about tax levies, GASB, software..  I needed help.  I found it when my neighboring municipalities invited me to lunch. I have learned a lot and shared a lot with many of the IMTA members.  I thank them for the many years of guidance and friendship, and I encourage each of you to get to know your neighbor and invite him or her to lunch. 

I want to specifically thank some individuals for their assistance with the planning of this conference.  First, Jennifer Menz for taking the lead with the hotel and entertainment research.  Alta Long has been a great leader and I am grateful to have her around as past president for the next year to continue helping to guide the organization.  Peggy, Debbie and Peggy at EIU, your help and expertise is always much appreciated! 

Brad Bettenhausen…this organization is so very fortunate to have long term and dedicated members like you!  His knowledge is phenomenal!  And he work so hard to share, guide and grow the organization.  Thank you for your service and dedication! 

Again, I thank the membership for this opportunity and look forward to a productive year! Please join me in the work of the association by participating in committee work, it is both productive and relationship building!

Michael Peterson
IMTA President
Finance Director/ Treasurer – Village of Lincolnshire


President's Award

Plaque Engravement: In Recognition of Outstanding Leadership and Dedicated Service. The Illinois Municipal Treasurers Association is Forever Grateful.


Alta Long

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Scott Borror

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2011/12 Kenneth Robinson Eagle Ridge Resort, Galena IL

Brad Bettenhausen

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