WHEREAS, municipal government, in order to best serve the needs of the citizenry, must be operated with efficiency and in an orderly and trustworthy manner; and
WHEREAS, the efficiency and order with which government carries out its public functions is strongly reliant on procedures and financial records; and
WHEREAS, the Municipal Treasurer administers the procedures and keeps the financial records; and
WHEREAS, all monies received into the municipal treasuries are dedicated funds and are used only for their specific purposes; and
WHEREAS, all Municipal Treasurers are the official custodians responsible for proper management and investment of these funds; and
WHEREAS, an organized source of financial knowledge about a community and its government activities is vital to the smooth governing of that municipality; and
WHEREAS, the Municipal Treasurers provides and maintains such a body of knowledge; and
WHEREAS, the strength of local government depends upon the citizens' opinion of it, and such opinion is formed largely by the image set forth by the municipal government employees; and
WHEREAS, the Municipal Treasurer is one of the municipal officials most closely in daily contact with the citizenry and therefore is in a key position to mold sound public opinion; and
WHEREAS, it is most appropriate that we recognize a historic municipal office, which grew out of the traditions of our democratic heritage;
NOW, THEREFORE, I Pat Smith, Mayor of the City of Anytown, Illinois, do hereby proclaim the week of July 19- 23, 2021 be known as ILLINOIS MUNICIPAL TREASURER'S WEEK in Anytown, Illinois, in recognition of the vital services they perform and the outstanding community dedication they exhibit.
In Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand as my official signature and caused to be affixed the Seal of the City of Anytown, State of Illinois, this __th day of ___ 2022